Arcus Group / Owners

T-Matic Systems is a part of ARCUS GROUP. The entire Group’s operation is based on delivering complex information management solutions fitted to the Client’s needs. The offered products and services allow the Clients to optimize costs and improve the efficiency of business processes.

The core of the Group is the ARCUS company, a leader in delivering integrated document and mass correspondence management systems and ICT (information and communication technology) in Poland. The company is also a sole representative of Kyocera Document Solutions and Pitney Bowes in Poland. The T-Matic Systems subsidiary expands the Group’s offer by complex solutions and services regarding telematics and smart energy grids. Another company in the Group is DocuSoft, offering document and project circulation management software.

ARCUS GROUP grants their Clients a professional and complex service within the solutions offered. What characterises the Group is an individual approach to each Client. The cooperation begins with defining the Client’s needs, to which the most optimal solutions are fitted. Next stages consist of delivery and integration of the devices together with software implementation. The Client is also granted supervision over the safety and continuity of the systems operation. Those solutions are available to be bought, leased or outsourced.

A combination of state-of-the-art, most effective technologies and a partnership with the Client makes the solutions offered by ARCUS Group chosen by companies who want to develop through optimisation of their operation. Among the largest Clients of ARCUS Group you’ll find finance, insurance, telecomm, energy, post, logistic and public administration companies.