Company profile

T-Matic Systems started operating in 2006. In the beginning, the company provided solutions in telematics. In 2008 ARCUS SA became the company’s shareholder – with that, T-Matic Systems became a part of ARCUS GROUP, which enabled the company’s growth and expansion of the offer by services linked to smart energy grids. Currently T-Matic Systems is a leading telematics system solution provider for business and energetics in Poland. The company’s range combines modernity and effectiveness of the offered services with complex Client care.

For business:

Our business Clients are offered a complex, integrated telematics system. We have combined computing and communication technologies to create a mobile TiMS app, which makes it possible to: 

  • manage a fleet of vehicles and machines
  • monitor the location and routes of vehicles
  • summarise work of machines, drivers and operators
  • measure fuel consumption and fuel levels
  • monitor the work of additional devices
  • remote control over selected circuits in vehicles (e.g. ignition block)

The TiMS app accessibility through web browsers provides data access from nearly anywhere in the world.

For energetics:

T-Matic Systems is a leader in modern solutions for energetics in the country and the CEE region. The offer for this economy sector includes:

  • energy infrastructure management systems
  • smart network tools
  • smart meters

The solutions dedicated to the energy sector offered by the company serve both the companies in this client and their customers (e.g. remote meter reading).

Through constant cooperation, T-Matic Systems cares distinctively for their Clients’ comfort. Apart from ready solutions fitted to the Client’s needs, we offer full support in terms of their usage. We do that mainly through the systems’ implementation and integration, 24/7 service, consultations and training. Our offer is constantly expanded by innovative solutions.