Almost 100% effectiveness – success of Arcus and T-matic Systems!

99 percent – this is the effectiveness of remote data reading from electricity meters implemented within the first development stage of the intelligent metering system at Energa Operator S.A. Meters have been provided by the consortium of Arcus S.A. and T-matic Systems S.A.

“This news confirms the top quality of the solutions delivered and implemented at Energa by the consortium of Arcus and T-matic Systems. Preliminary, cautious performance estimates were exceeded the expectations by a few percent.” says Piotr Pastuszka, President of T-matic Systems S.A., an Arcus Group company,.

Energa Operator has completed the first stage of building the smart metering system; as part of which meters have been replaced in 106,000 households, 1,558 substations have been upgraded and 1,558 telecommunication connections have been installed. It has also established new data transmission technologies (PLC LV and 3GPP/CDMA) and has built an IT system from scratch to handle and manage the data gathered by meters. The implementation covered Drawsko Pomorskie, Władysławowo and Kalisz.

“Technologies and safety features applied in the meters provided by us for remote electricity reading afford numerous opportunities to improve the entire electricity measurement process and ensure the security of recorded/registered data. The devices offer many possibilities: meter data reading, remote meter activation and deactivation, change of the electricity tariff without a distribution company representative having to do it on site.” Piotr Pastuszka further explains.

Energa Operator announced that the first stage of implementation of the smart metering system was a success and both the company and its customers are already taking advantage of the opportunities that the system brings. According to the data provided by Energa Operator, new tools for customers with new meters have also been launched, such as a web portal and mobile applications allowing to check daily electricity consumption. The system also allows for settlement of accounts on any day of the month chosen by the customer, as part of sellers’ settlement offers. This functionality is already available in Kalisz and will be gradually rolled out in other areas where the system is being implemented.

Arcus S.A. and T-matic Systems S.A. are pioneers in the supply and integration of smart meters for remote reading of electricity in Poland. As part of the biggest smart meter implementation in Poland the consortium has already provided Energa-Operator S.A. with over 350,000 meters. Apart from deliveries, the project included setup of equipment, establishing communication and launching the acquisition processes of data from meters to AMI application.

The world leaders in the area of smart communication and electricity grid management - ADD GROUP and CURRENT –– have acted as partners of the consortium supplying hardware.

In accordance with EU directives, by the end of 2020 all electricity distributors in the European Union will be obliged to bill at least 80% of electricity customers according to the actual consumption. The only solution allowing to complete this goal is to install smart meters for remote reading of electricity. Such meters are key components of smart grids. The overriding purpose of the entire idea of smart metering is not only empowering the consumer against the electricity supplier but also marking a milestone in environmental protection and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the future.



The Group is a major supplier of smart solutions and integrated systems for document and mass correspondence management to the Polish market. ARCUS S.A. also acts a representative of Kyocera Document Solutions and Pitney Bowes in Poland.

ARCUS SA and its subsidiary company, T-matic Systems S.A., also supply comprehensive solutions and services for telematics and smart grids as well as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) integration. The third company belonging to the ARCUS GROUP is DocuSoft Sp. z o.o., developing information flow systems. Major customers of the ARCUS GROUP include banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, postal and logistics operators and local and state public administration.

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