Arcus to partner of the “smart grid” events during the European Economy Congress in Katowice.

Arcus SA, a company listed on the stock exchange market, pioneer in delivering smart meters for remote energy reading in Poland, became partner on the “smart grid” events during the European Economy Congress in Katowice, taking place on May 13th-15th, 2013.

The subject of smart grids, their development in Poland and whole of the European Union is one of the key topics of the upcoming congress.

“The high competence of Arcus and T-Matic Systems, our subsidiary, gained during pioneer projects of smart meter implementation in Poland, allows us to support the most important economy events related to this subject. The smart grid development process in Poland has just begun, but it will have to be continued by all energy suppliers, according to the EU directives. According to them, the country is obliged to replace at least 80% of the meter until the end of 2020, so the market has to be prepared for that.” – says Michał Czeredys, the President of Arcus SA.

The various matters discussed during the congress within the subject of smart grids include: Polish energy companies’ activities in regard to smart grids and smart utilities, the most important reasons for slow development of smart grids in Poland, the development of smart grids and smart utilities in the EU and the part of market regulators in the process. Participant in these meetings include the representatives of biggest energy suppliers, companies delivering infrastructure to energy companies and members of the Polish government, who have influence over the creation of the new energetic law.

“The Arcus Group is the only company in Poland that has the knowledge and experience gained during the biggest smart meter implementation project so far. We made this for Energa-Operator and we’ll be happy to make share our experience from this project. Everyone – the decision-makers, the regulator, energy suppliers and the end-consumers – have to be aware of the benefits of the changes in energy and energy grids management. The savings for the end consumer estimated at about 5-9% and the encouragement to produce energy in their backyard plants are only some of the goals of the whole smart metering and smart grid idea in Europe and around the world.” – says Michał Czeredys.

The European Economy Congress is one of the most important economy events in Central Europe. The agenda is created based on subjects that are relevant to the key challenges for the economy and politicians. Relevance and importance are the key factors in the choice of discussion subjects. The leading subjects of this years’ European Economy Congress are: economical growth, the future of the Euro zone, globalisation, energy-climate policies and the role of Central Europe. A few hundred of panellists will participate in the three-day cycle of debates and meetings with 6 thousand guests from Poland and abroad, in about 100 sessions. The participants of the European Economy Congress include EU commissars and representatives of European governments, as well as prominent politicians, businessmen, scientists and economists. The subjects of the sessions, debates and meeting cover the most important matters for Europe’s economical and social development. During the events in May a meeting of the economy ministers of the V4 Group will take place – a month and a half before the end of Poland’s term as the leader of the Group – extended by the Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

The congress is organised by the PTWP Group.